MEAA needs Democracy


Chris Warren has announced he is standing down from his position later this year. So for the first time since forming in 1992, critical elections could decide who should be his successor, and the new federal secretary of your union, MEAA.

But the union’s small management committee has a plan to deny members like you the right to directly vote for who runs our union. They want to appoint the next union leader themselves, disenfranchising more than 16,000 members.

At the MEAA Federal Council meeting on March 17 & 18, your delegates will vote for or against this proposal to abolish the federal secretary as an elected leader.  In this new plan MEAA will adopt a corporate model where the management committee appoints an unelected CEO to run the union.

It will mean you, the people who fund and support MEAA, will have no real say on who runs your union.

As grassroots members we want a more democratic and professional union run by its members for its members. And rather than being less transparent, we believe federal council should ensure basic democratic principles are extended, improved and deepened.

If you are a MEAA member, like this page, make a comment of support, or retweet, so that your federal councillors know that members want them to vote for democracy,  and a direct say in who runs our union.

We  also call on the Management Committee to publish the full details of their CEO model online for full analysis and consultation with members. We will publish it here if it becomes available.


Please show your support here!

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