Who set this up?

This page has been set up by John Roper, from Pacific Magazines, Charles Firth of Hollow Bear Productions, Jeff Waters and Greg Miskelly of the ABC – all members of the MEAA.

We want members to know what’s going on and to have a forum to have their say.

You can reach us at MEAAneedsDemocracy@gmail.com


One comment

  1. Why am I not surprised. This “debate” is just like the one that we saw played out in the early 90s, with the AJA’s move to one big union. This recent development has further entrenched a group of individuals who are more interested in securing their power base for themselves and their mates, and has little to do with engaging its members, nor any interest to really understand, just like then, what is happening for the membersip in this industry. I still strongly believe that we needed a plebiscite. The attitude of the current leadership appears to be that the membership is either too ignorant or apathetic to have an informed opionion. The development this month marks another sad sign-post in our march towards irrelevance.

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