Responses from Federal Management Committee & FAQ

Official Responses

Thanks to you and other members, we are now starting to get some responses from FMC. All posted on the Alliance website. And reposted here with links for you to make up your own mind.

John West, President of Crew section “Standing still is not an option” – says CEO is the go.

Stuart Washington, Gina McColl, President and Vice President, Media section “Standing still is not an option” – say CEO is the go

Simon Burke, Equity President, “a vital positive move in reshaping our union” – says CEO is the go

We will post links to other FMC official responses if and when they appear.


Who gets to vote at Federal Council? Who is my rep?

See: List of voting Federal officers, 2014

As a member, can I write my own public submission to Federal Management Council?

Yes – we have learnt their email address is

Will they publish my submission online and distribute it to Federal Councillors?

Yes – if you ask them, and make sure you tell them it is a public document to be published publicly online and also distributed to members of Federal Council.




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